Republican Knute Buehler is desperately trying to convince people he can help our schools, but teachers say his plan will actually move Oregon schools backward. Buehler’s first agenda for schools is to cut $1.2 billion from the retirements of teachers and other public employees. Oregon educators responded to his flawed education plans by saying #NoThanksKnute. As a legislator, Buehler voted against efforts to reduce class sizes. Buehler twice voted against increasing K-12 funding.

Oregon teachers make 22 percent less than they would in the private sector, according to a new report — and yet Knute Buehler wants to cut teacher pay and benefits. His plan would slash many teachers’ retirements by around 40%!

Buehler is suggesting that school districts cap the salary amounts used to calculate benefits. As a legislator, Buehler also voted against efforts to reduce class sizes. Buehler twice voted against increasing K-12 funding.

During the second gubernatorial debate in Southern Oregon, Buehler also claimed that the Governor has cut CTE funding. This is a lie.

Under Governor Brown’s leadership, Oregon has tripled investments for job training in schools since 2015. According to the Oregon Department of Education, the legislature allocated $22.6 million for CTE and STEM programs during the 2013-15 biennium, before Kate Brown was in the Governor’s office. In 2017-19 more than $70.6 million will be spent on these programs, more than a three-fold increase.

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Furthermore, Oregon has added 248 CTE programs since Kate Brown has been in office.

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