Republican Knute Buehler is trying to greenwash his image now that he’s running for Governor, but as a state legislator, Buehler tried to make it easier for polluters to damage Oregon’s air quality, fought against incentives to lower vehicle emissions, and refused to protect the state’s public lands.

His record of hurting Oregon’s environment has earned him a failing “F” lifetime rating from the environmental group the Oregon League of Conservation Voters.

Buehler’s even taken thousands of dollars from corporate polluters, including $50,000 from Entek, which has released air pollution linked to employees' health problems, and $100,000 from ActionPAC, which is run by the chairman of Esco, one of Portland’s top-five polluters.

Then, during the second gubernatorial debate in Southern Oregon, Buehler declared that he would cut Oregon’s Clean Fuels Standard if elected, describing it as “a program which drives up the cost of gasoline … almost 18 cents a gallon”

In reality, after three years the Clean Fuels Standard has been wildly successful, cutting a total of 1.7 million metric tons of climate pollution in Oregon so far, equivalent to taking 365,000 cars off the road for a year, and it has had a negligible effect on the price of fuel. The Department of Environmental Quality estimates the Clean Fuels Standard costs $0.0023 per gallon of gasoline, less than a quarter of a penny.

Buehler also lied and said the Sierra Club opposed the Clean Fuels Standard. Here’s what the Sierra Club had to say: