Buehler is falsely claiming to be “100% pro-choice” to get votes from pro-choice Oregonians, but he brags to anti-choice voters that he fought against Governor Brown’s efforts to expand access to reproductive rights.

NARAL and Planned Parenthood PAC -- the experts on reproductive rights -- both say Buehler is not pro-choice, and his record explains why. He voted against the Reproductive Health Equity Act, which guarantees the right to a safe and legal abortion in Oregon. He said the law would make Oregon a “magnet state” for abortions.

In 2014, the extreme anti-choice group Oregon Right to Life “recommended” Buehler as a candidate in the Republican primary for the State House. To earn that recommendation, Buehler had to meet with the group’s leaders and fill out a questionnaire. Buehler’s responses - which he has refused to release to the public - were anti-choice enough to earn him a “recommendation,” which means the candidate agrees with Oregon Right to Life on “the majority of the life issues.”